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Introducing Pickleball for Juniors

A first for Kamloops and area; offering pickleball lessons and training catered specifically for junior pickleball players. The objective is to be physically active, learn to love sport, respect yourself, your opponent, officials, and most importantly having fun.

What we will promote and help build:

- Confidence
- Self esteem
- Respect for yourself, respect for your opponent, respect for court officials, respect the environment
- Developing skills tactfully and technically
- Acquire mental skills, focus, commitment, passion, effort
- Develop psychological skills: focus, emotional control, effort, positive attitude

What we will practice:

- Fundamental movement skills: walking, running, jumping, catching, throwing
- Fundamental motor skills: agility (move quickly and easily), balance (even distribution), coordination (different parts to work smoothly), reaction (response), dexterity (skill and ease)
- Hand-eye coordination skills
- Having fun, making friends

Advanced/Competitive Program will offer:

- Develop problem solving skills
- Develop healthy competitive skills
- Develop decision making skills
- Learn to manage mistakes and to stay calm in a stressful situation
- Understand how to beat opponents, understand how to win and lose
- Ability to stay attentive when playing or competing and not focused on the outcome

-Opportunities to play in competitive tournaments and compete vs similarly skilled players from other areas

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