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"Thanks, Kristina, for an hour of excellent drills and coaching! Being a former PE teacher, I appreciated the breakdown of shots, the footwork, racquet and body positioning, and the follow through of each shot. The constructive criticism was always accompanied with encouragement and a smile! Now, as a student, I will have to discard my ingrained habits, and concentrate on the changes. I would highly recommend to any aspiring pickleball player to avail themselves of your teaching expertise! I had FUN!"

-Bill L (2022)

"I have taken numerous lessons from Kristina and she is a great instructor. I went to her to learn certain Pickleball strokes. She was able to break down the strokes until I understood how to do the stroke properly. I continue to go back to Kristina because I get great instruction on how to fine tune my skills. In the past I have taken lessons from different instructors and Pros which have been beneficial but I have to say that the instruction that I have had from Kristina has been the best."

-Ann M (2021)

"I had great lessons with Kristina! Athleticism, knowledge, and fun is how I would describe Kristina. She customized our private lessons to my abilities and goals for the game, and brought out what she called the tiger in me. I had no net game even when I used to play tennis, and we worked on that which is vital for pickleball. What I lacked she helped me build so that I could have arsenals. The drills we did made sense for pickleball and which I had not learned from other instructors in the Okanagan. And she is so hands on! What she taught you she showed you. What I appreciated was the time she spent in introducing me to other players and we would play even after the lesson was done. Travelling from Vernon to see her in Kamloops was worth it! My only regret was not finding her sooner to have more lessons as I had to move to Calgary. But I know the confidence I have with volleys and the net is because of her."

-Yee N (2020)

"I had a blast playing pickleball over the last couple of weeks! Thank you very much for all your time and instructions! I greatly appreciate it! I originally invited my dad to show him there are other things, other than hockey for him to do and I think he got the message, and has a new interest! So thank you again! Hopefully our paths will cross again! Maybe more lessons are on my dad and I’s horizon!"

-Ashly H (2020)

"I just wanted to thank you for the pickleball lessons, you did a great job teaching us the skill and rules of the game, the 4 sessions seem to fly by... your enthusiasm for the game is awesome."

-Don (2020)

About Us.

Matt and Kristina (MAK) Racquet Sports and Accessories is a pickleball focused company located in Kamloops, BC Canada. We are certified IPTPA Level 2 instructors as well as IPTPA certified ratings specialists. We are active tournament players, and members and sponsors of the Kamloops Pickleball Club. We began as pickleball paddle on-court representatives and have grown to include coaching and lessons. We’ll be sure to see you on court with our red wagon and demo paddles in tow, please say hi.



1885 Grasslands Blvd.

Kamloops B.C.

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