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The new Selkirk VANGUARD 2.0 series paddles introduce the latest and greatest in pickleball technology; Carbon Fiber. The 2.0 version adds a Pro-Spin textured surface provides more spin than ever before. QuadCarbon fiber paddle surface uses two layers of woven carbon fiber on each side of the paddle to create consistent play and exceptional durability.


Testers describe the sweet spot changes from the new QuadCarbon face material as "amazing", and "transformative", giving the VANGUARD Hybrid a sweet spot that is much larger and a paddle face which provides more spin. Selkirk VANGUARD Hybrid uses the same X5 FibreFlex core Selkirk players know and love still providing players with the high end consistencythey expect from a Selkirk paddle.


The VANGUARD Hybrid paddles create a soft, dampened feel that improves dinks and controlled shots like thirds, more defensive blocking capability and ball working control when striking the ball, and still more than enough power for putaway shots. The VANGUARD Hybrid paddle is for players who want to be able to do it all with ease, comfort, and speed.


Midweight: 7.7oz - 8.2oz

Lightweight: 7.3oz - 7.8oz

Paddle Face: QuadCarbon (Carbon Fiber)
Core Material: X5 Polymer honeycomb

Selkirk VANGUARD 2.0

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