The Radical Elite Composite Paddle provides solid heft and top-quality control for an all court game. The Radical Elite is a versatile paddler that gives you the ability to cover large areas of the court, stress free. The design is ideal for control players who want to be able to manage dinks up at the net while still being able to drive balls from the back of the court.


The Radical Elite Composite Paddle is a high quality choice for players who want to do it all, from hard slams to technical dinks.


The HEAD Extreme Elite Paddle is similar to the Radical Elite but has a smoother surface and tapered edges. The Extreme Elite paddles provides an ample sweet spot but reduces unneeded surface area due to the tapered corners. The solid feel of a composite face with a polymer core delivers high impact performance.

Paddle Face: Fiberglass
Core Material: Polypropylene Honeycomb

Height 16”

Width 7.9”

Handle length 5”

HEAD Radical & Extreme Elite